Friday, August 17, 2012

Some Photos

Nothing much has happened in the last week however, here are some photos!

Independence Day stage

Our act: Singing with the young adults of the church

The big feast next day - lots of rice, a whole drum full!

Hiking up to the towers

TVL (phone company) tower

View from the top of the hill where the towers were

Going to the garden where the locals get their food from. Alicja planted a banana tree amongst other things

Last wednesday was a public holiday and we travelled to Walarano, a town about 40 mins on the back of a 4wd. This here was the catholic church that we went to.

After the service, we took a look at the view, left island is Wala, the right island is Rano.
Gareth teaching

Alicja helping two children learn letters of the alphabet.

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