Friday, August 24, 2012

The Last Week of School

This week, as the title suggests was the last week of school. Monday and Tuesday, we still taught as usual. From Wednesday onward, the teachers were marking tests and writing reports, so the rest of the week wasn’t exactly classified as “school days”. 

Near our classroom, they are building a library – a project funded by an American organisation called ‘Peacecorp’. About 30 boxes of books have been donated with many different subjects that cover all areas of life. This library is not exclusively for the school, but for the whole community of Tautu. So us, it being near to school holidays with not much school work to do, have decided that we would categorise and catalogue all the books. Alicja has been working on cataloguing all the non-fiction book while Gareth has been cataloguing all the fiction books and sorting them into children, teen, adult categories. This requires both of us to type the name and author of each book. So far, we are up to about 650 and are only about halfway. We happened to find another stash of books in the previous library today which added a lot to our workload (IF ANYONE WANTS TO COME AND HELP US, PLEASE DO!). We are hoping to have all the books sorted by the end of the holidays because our classroom is inundated with piles of boxes, books and dust.

The work of the library - the American Volunteer on the roof

Santa's helpers
The children are very excited for their new library

We also helped with some of the painting yesterday

Getting our librarian on!

Anyway, enough about tedious library work. We are planning to go to Southwest Bay this Sunday with our Japanese friend, Sho and his other friend Nao. Down South there is a very nice waterfall and so we are going to stay a few days in a nearby village. We are travelling via police escort (the police have a regular boat to and from the village and we know a local policeman who gave us the opportunity). Next week we are looking forward to a double island wedding and are very excited for the visit from our parents and two others from Hervey Bay Uniting Church.

Not much more to add today, we’ll blog again in a few weeks when we get to Lakatoro again.


Brian Hoole said...

3Gareth and Alicja
I was always amazed at the diversity of tasks that we undertake that seems outside of our experience. Like setting up a library. I ran a student bakery, set up a photo club and even helped mark some home economic papers. It is always a challenge but rewarding. South West Bay is beautiful. I stayed at Lorlow for a week one holidays. I am glad to hear how well things are going and you are in my prayers.
PS did you have a party for Ps Collen's birthday

Gareth Nolan said...

Hi Brian,

he has been away for the past 2 weeks. Didn't know it was his birthday in that time. Looking forward to it :)

Shanice Muller said...

Gareth and Alicja! We miss you both so much and we all say hello from the youth group.
Its great reading about all your adventures, and building a library! Wow, I can just imagine how much you are contributing to the village. Stay safe, you'll be in my prayers!

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